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Clyde Shook, Dale Ramsey, Bean family, Ed Smith, Debbie Riddle, Dallas, Texas tornado victims’ families, Greg Bryant, Tim Duncan, Sheila Swallows, Lackey family, Phillips family, Hannah Austin, Gene Austin, Brenda Lentz, Ron Deck, Marie Wood,  Donna Brown, Rodney Clark, Della Hammer, Ruth Moose, Rebecca Phillips, Roberts family, Jimmie Keller, Sue Martin, Terry Whitcock, Jay family, Kevin Keller, Bessie Roberts, Patsy Smith, Patricia Clontz,

Zerden Keller, Doris Church & sister Irene, Wanda Keller, Donald Swallows, Jerold Brewer, Bill Brewer, Jim P. Ritch, Marina Anderson, McCormick family, Tidwell family, Mandy Laws, Tom Ritch, Donna Philyaw, Guthrie Grove Church, Melanie Harshaw, Nick Coffe, Mary Swallows, Virginia’s family, Hope Advent Church, Gene Austin, Becky Ritch, Donald Austin, Rachel Franco, Steve Curtis, Tammy Barkley, Cody South, Robin Phillips, Walley Winner, Amy Warlick, Laura Laws Brewer, Kim Growden, Brandon Ritch, Comfort and peace to those who have lost loved ones, Strength and peace to our Seniors, Health and strength to those battling cancer/diseases, Law enforcement and their families, Your Pastor, your church leadership and their families, Our Military and their families, Direction and vision for our Church, Our Lord and Savior’s soon return.   

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